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Co-op Ed…..Enjoying school at a factory with robots? Learning while Earning!

co-op computer1

This is why co-op education is so exciting for many high school students !  A teacher may set up a student in a co-op education placement with a person in a place such as....
co-op pharmacy

                      a home building company

                         a hospital

                            a lawyer's office

                               a car repair business

                                  a large department    store.

                                     an airport

       Students can earn credits toward their high school graduation and after awhile , earn a good wage in an industry of their choice !

      co-op child care

An Important Decision

Students in their senior years of high school start to think seriously about what area of work they wish to have a career in. By spending a school term in a co-op placement in an industry they believe they might want to work in,  they find out about the work by actually working in the industry for a time . A co-op teacher can give students some very good advice on choosing a starting bake Baura3

A Renewed Interest

    Another group of students who find co-op work placements valuable are students who are bored with school.   A person who is at least 17 years old,  interested in earning money,  and very interested in obtaining his or her graduation diploma , should talk with a co-op teacher . If the teacher can find a compassionate employer, this student can obtain academic credits , earn money  , and gradually work into a long term, well paying job.

    If your want some experience in different kinds of work or to obtain your graduation  while working , see a co-op or a guidance teacher today  !

     by Tom Kear, editor, York West &nbsp from an interview with
Darryl Hobbs, V. Principal ,Westview Centennial S.S.
John Lombardo, Web Master

                      Co-op Ed  Students from many schools learn carpentry in Westview's woodworking shop. Here                                they are making picnic benches for other schools. Sometimes they repair broken wood furniture                                for  student's parents and their teachers 




                                                                  co-op stocking

                                             Student carries sanitation supplies from hospital storeroom

                                                                  co-op customer service

                                          Co-op student in retail sales prepares to meet her store customers

                                                                  co-op electrical

                                         Electrical student with safety glasses replaces light bulbs in factory.


                   Co-op law student looks for case histories  similar to that of his own client in office library 


                                                              Airline attendant student sit in pilot's cockpit seat 


                                       Jet engine with cover off is ready for repair and cleaning by airline mechanic