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To publicize the photographic and English story telling talents of students in our high schools, the York West Advocate offered to publish the best stories and best pictures taken by students. The stories and pictures were chosen by the students’ teachers in our four high schools. The pictures were of two categorizes; a) action shots and, b) still life photos

Student story telling 

This Story was composed by Tara B.  Gr 9, Westview C.S.S.  Inspiring Teacher Ms. K. Anwer

The most significant wintertime experience for me was the ice storm that occurred in Toronto in 2013. The night before the big storm was extremely cold, and to be frank–chaotic. Families were rushing to their homes because the chilly, night air was cool enough to have you longing for a pleasant glass of hot chocolate whilst next to a cozy fireplace. The white as milk snow was rapidly dropping from the inky, night sky all while the strong, frosty winds blew at a speed almost comparable to light. Your cheeks began to instantly flush with a bright rosy-pink shade, your nose turning a colour that was as red as a cherry. In the midst of it all, you paused to catch a glimpse at the pitch-black midnight sky.

The following morning, you awoke to everything, from cars to the roofs of homes as white as crystals and lustrous like diamonds. The view was remarkable, and almost dreamlike; it was as if this were something from a cheesy Christmas movie. The 2013 Toronto ice storm was an unforgettable winter experience for me simply because it brought back memories of childhood when you would play outdoors during the holidays, and feel nothing but pure joy and genuine happiness. This experience in a way humbled me by showing me there is more to life than technology, and we should spend more time outside or with loved ones.  Although it was rather cold, the ice storm to me was a sign that Christmas, a time of love and cheer, was just around the corner!


This story was composed by Jermaine R. Gr 9, Westview C. S.S.  Inspiring Teacher Ms. K. Anwer

Wintertime is a festive, joyful season, with a few drawbacks.  Last year, winter was a lot of fun.  My friends and I had a lot of nostalgia with the snow.  We made teams for snowball fights, made snowmen and snow angels just like we did in the past. My family was also a lot more festive last year.  We set up Christmas decorations earlier than normal. We also played more Christmas carols and I even got my Christmas presents in early December. One disappointing but good thing that occurred was the snow was less overwhelming than usual, which is also happening this winter so far. This is good because sometimes it’s really annoying to deal with snow and cold weather. Overall, last winter was a great time and if I could, I would relive it again.


This story was composed by Makayla R. Gr 9, Westview C. S.S.  Inspiring Teacher Ms. K. Anwer

My most unforgettable winter holiday experience was a couple of years ago when my mom, my sisters and I had an awesome time playing in the snow. I remember that day like it was yesterday.  The snow was cold and fluffy and the sky was light blue and it was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. When we went outside, the first thing we all did was make snow angels. We had a snowball fight and we were just having so much fun. When we got too cold and went inside to watch Christmas movies and drank hot chocolate. I wish I could relive that day; it was just so enjoyable.


This story was composed by Jami S.  Gr 9, Westview C. S.S. Inspiring Teacher Ms. K. Anwer

My unforgettable winter holiday was when I went to a vast hill with my family to slide down. I left with my three brothers, my mom, and my dad. We had a lot of fun. The hill was truly large. From the top it was really high and when going down it was really steep. We regularly go in December every winter on the weekend when everyone is off. Climbing the hill was not a good idea, but we had no choice. My brothers lined up with me. On the calculation of three, we all let go and went down and two of us collided. We were laughing for a long time. After a few slides, my mom and dad stopped because of having to walk back up the hill and they were exhausted. One time, I went down there was this huge hole in the middle. I went in it and injured my ribs. I didn’t really get wounded, but it hurt. After that, all of us stopped. We went to Tim Horton’s to get some drinks and snacks. We discussed our experience.  Afterwards, my ribs healed.

Student Photography 

The pictures below were taken by……     Cindy N., and Jennefer Q.,  Westview C.S.S.  Inspiring Teacher  Ms. B. Cooke

a. Action shot photos. 

Jennifer Qactionpic

CindyN action photo

b) A still life photo. Rain drops on car window.

cindy N still-life photos


The following combined stories and pictures are by…

Students from Emery C.I

 Mr S. Benyamin inspired these students

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