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Unforgettable Winter Holiday Experience


Future Short Story Authors

Question to students:

“Have you ever dreamed of becoming a short story author?”

The York West Advocate offered to publish some of the short articles written by students from Emery CI, Westview CSS, and CW Jefferys CI on the topic of

“My Most Unforgettable Winter Holiday Experience.”

The following are the articles the Advocate received:

My Most Unforgettable Winter Holiday Experience

Chatrron Sadhu

C.W. Jefferys C.I.



Christmas is the holiday where families are closest together. Gifts are exchanged, smiles are clear to see, and unconditional love is present. Everyone has that one Christmas memory they never forget. My most cherished memory is when I celebrated Christmas one year knowing kids who weren’t as fortunate would have something to look forward to.


Amazing! All these Christmas toys?

I was 9 at the time, and a member of the “Boys to Men, Ladies for Life” program, of my elementary school. During a meeting, other members and I were discussing ways to give to the community for the holiday season. Soon, an idea came to my mind. Kids in my neighborhood must have lots of toys, and probably have some that are no longer in use.  So, I thought of having a toy drive at my school during the last week, where anyone from the neighborhood could bring any toy that wasn’t being used. We received 2 boxes, all of which went to charities to be given to children who weren’t as lucky as me. That Christmas, I had the biggest smile on my face, not only because I got great gifts, but also, I knew other kids would have my same smile when they got their gifts.


Terry Tang  12/01/2016

My Most Unforgettable Winter Holiday Experience


Most of my winter experiences are the same-we open gifts, eat with the family etc. However, last years holiday experience was different.

Last year, on December 30th 2015 my relatives from the U.S came to visit us. Since they haven’t seen me in 5-6 years, they seemed pretty surprised when they saw me. After a long family discussion as to where we should visit, we decided to go to Montreal over Canada`s Wonderland.

We chose Montreal for two reasons:winter-holidays-in-montreal-298422_1280

#1) We had a couple of older relatives who would not enjoy roller-coasters, and we were pretty sure that they wouldn’t want to go on a ride that could reach speeds of 148 km/h.

#2) Canada’s Wonderland wouldn’t be open in December.

Due to having a tight schedule, we were only able to squeeze in a two day stay. We chose to stay at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Montreal. Our family booked three rooms and visited two places. We traveled to Old Montreal and to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

By far this was the best winter experience I’ve had and I hope this year will be an even more memorable holiday.

By: Terry Tong

Ms. Haynes & Mr. Dubuc's grade 9 PPC class

Westview Centennial Secondary School

My most unforgettable winter holiday


My most unforgettable winter holiday was during the winter of 2008. I was only five years old at the time. All I can think of was Christmas specials, Santa Claus and snow.

I remember the first time that it started snowing. All I could do was jump in 3 feet of snow, throw snowballs and make snow-angels everywhere.

New York City on New Year's Eve

I remember when Christmas came. My mom and I went to Manhattan. My God it was so beautiful! The bright Christmas lights, the food, the music, everything was so awesome. I also got to sit on Santa’s lap and told him that I wanted a monster truck for Christmas.

During New Year’s Eve, we went to watch the ball drop and welcome in 2009! This is my story of my most unforgettable winter holiday.


By: Zian Khan

Ms. Haynes & Mr. Dubuc's Grade 9 PPC class

Westview Centennial Secondary School