Fund Raising Dinner For Community Farm Draws 300 People at $100 a Plate


The Black Creek Community Farm, on the south east corner of Jane and Steeles was full of hungry people. It was the 2nd annual ‘Dinner at the Farm’ fundraiser on the evening of September 13.   Toronto’s best chefs, live music, and the farm’s great organic fresh vegetables were the amazing features.

This unique urban farm is

a place of education:

  • teaching our youth how to grow crops

a force for the environment:

  • growing crops with natural, not chemical, fertilizers

a large green space for walking and working:

  • long gravel paths wind through the farm and down to the creek

  • volunteers and staff of all ages plant, care for, and harvest the crops

a place providing fresh, affordable vegetables to families in our community.

Eateries, Brewers and Organic Food Processors (Many pictures rotate on a carousel. Note arrows on each side of pictures)

Please note the name signs on the various exhibit booths of food growers and processors in the photos above. As many of them are located in or near Toronto, ‘foodies’ will be excited to visit them. Check out  Google and Facebook for locations.


The New Tradition Band

Musical guests of ‘Dinner at the Farm’; this band has received a nomination for a JUNO music award. Coming originally from Columbia, the members of this band play South American indigenous flute and African drum music from many years ago. Please watch a video interview with the New Tradition musicians near the end of this article.



Click on the dot, or other symbol, at the bottom right of this group of pictures to learn the names and titles of the leaders.