Model Student Toronto Election

Conducted by JC. McGuigan teacher Mr. J Pulcini

Ines G, Student Reporter, JC McGuigan CSS. Inspiring teacher Mr. J Pulcini

With high school being the first step for teenagers to become young adults, a chance in understanding some future concepts is beneficial. Friday, the 19th of October was the annual student voting day at James Cardinal McGuigan C.S.S for Toronto election candidates.

Student voting allows minors to educate themselves about the government and the electoral process. Parties and their platforms, as well as relevant issues today, demonstrate to undergraduates how their involvement within the community can play a large role. Although student ballots are not officially cast, the process is surrounded by a comfortable environment that gives the students an experience as future Canadian citizens.

Around 9:00 a.m., students of grade ten to twelve began collecting in the library. In organized files, each one was able to pick up a ballot and make their way to the voting boxes. With real names presented upon the papers, students were able to experience a similar voting process as well as participate in active and engaged citizenship.

The entire event was lead by some of JCM’s very own, each with their own task. While a few students coordinated the times at which participants would arrive, others took charge of watching over the ballot boxes. As students came, the information once taught within the classroom, made clear how they may use school experiences in their future adult life.

Around noon, all ballots had been cast. Many JCM members positively expressed their thoughts regarding the election on the way back to their classrooms. Avegayle Sales, a grade nine student, stated:

I think it was a great experience because it can benefit our future and it gave us a chance to speak up
— Avegayle Sales

With this election day closing, it is safe to say that more students are prepared to face their life as adults after their studies at James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic Secondary School.