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What are elections and what makes them important?

Ricki T, Student, JC McGuigan CSS. Inspiring teacher Ms. K. Gulej

When doing elections that means someone is trying to figure out what the majority of the people would like to see happen in a country. Everyone has a different opinion about a person or topic such as: a President or a Prime Minister. An election is basically when a group of people get together to vote for a leader and a government for their country. The election is important because people would not like it if one person made the decision for everyone. In democracy a majority of votes determines the government. The political party in the parliament with the most members can pass the laws that this majority party wishes.

Why should Canadians take part in a vote?

All Canadians that are eligible to vote should get up and vote because everyone's opinion matters and, a better and more positive outcome will be formed. This will give our country unity.

If more adults go out and vote their children will go out and vote and that will make the country a better place. All these votes will also affect all the people in Canada positively.

Voting may seem like a small thing but just one vote can make a big ,difference. It can affect your everyday life, the school your children attend and even your neighbourhood and community.

Why are election votes very important?

An election is what the government does to keep our country working as a democracy. It is significant because your vote can change your life in a positive or negative way through the government you elect.

There are a lot of things you can do to serve your country and participating in an election is one of them. So vote and get your children to vote and let's serve our country together.



Voting In Canadian Elections

Ishan P, Student, Westview CSS. Inspiring teacher Ms. K Anwer

            We have voices, but are they being heard? I believe that without a voice, we cease to exist. Our voice is what defines us and what separates us from the rest. That is why I feel we need to let the world know what we think; we need to vote. Voting in your country is an honour as well as a privilege. For civilians to be able to have a say in the politics of their country is incredible. The only restriction is age. Now what adult of member of a society would give up such an entitlement? After the hard work you do every single day, I say you have the right to vote. So make sure to express yourself because this is our country.



Why Canadians should Participate in Elections

Kelly L, Grade 9, Westview CSS. Inspiring teacher Ms. K Anwer

 Do you have an opinion? Of course, you do. Kids my age get a bad reputation, being accused of not caring about politics. Whatever you think, there will always be other people who think the same. Identifying the political party that most closely mirrors what you believe is not that hard. The only way to make a difference is to get involved even if it is only to put an X in a box. Having a vote is having a say; you wouldn't let anyone decide what you like and what not to like would you? You would always want to have a say about what to wear, eat or do for fun, so why wouldn't you want to have a say what happens to you and your world?  Every generation needs a new revolution. Welcome to a movement in history: a new chapter, a fresh start, I should say. Looking up to those who came before us--this is why we vote. Voting isn't about one candidate or another; it is about our past, present and future. Your vote affects everything health care, student loan policy, immigration, woman and reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, civil rights. You have a chance to make a change by voting, so why not do it?


Why is it Important to Vote?

  Hailey R, Grade 9, Westview CSS. Inspiring teacher Ms. K Anwer

                   Today in our society, it is very important for people to vote if they are able to. The age at which you are allowed to vote is 18 in Canada. In my opinion, I think it should be lowered down to 15. The biggest reason why the government won't lower the age is simply because, what's the point? Most young people don’t even vote at all. But what most young adults don’t understand is that it is very important to vote.

It's important to vote, for a couple reasons. Every vote counts. If someone you don’t like wins an election, you can’t be mad because you didn’t even make an effort to vote. Voting is important especially in Toronto because different politicians want different things. For example, some politicians might want to raise the price for utility bills, and that might not work in your favour; therefore, you should vote for the politician who doesn’t want to raise the price of the bills and he/she might have a better chance at winning because you voted for them. In the end, it’s important for you to vote because it’s your chance to make a choice and to state your opinion freely.   

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Importance of Elections 

 Isaijah W, Grade 9, Westview CSS. Inspiring teacher Ms. K Anwer

The most important thing to do as a Canadian citizen is to vote. Unfortunately more than half of the population in Toronto doesn’t vote. I think that voting is important and all Canadians should do it because we need a great leader to represent and take care of our city. Take the United States of America as an example: many people decided not to vote and now look at what kind of leader they have. We need someone that is going to help us and better the city, not tear it down. When I look at the statistics, it’s even more disappointing to know that the majority of the people who aren’t voting are the young adults between 18-25. Whatever is being done to the city is going to affect them the most!

Overall, I think everyone should participate and vote in an election. We wouldn't want our beautiful city destroyed because of making the wrong choices. So do your research and vote wisely!


Don’t Vote Campaign: Disaster or Dynamite Advertising?

Ali M, Grade 10, Westview CSS. Inspiring teacher Mr. B Taborek

The viral YouTube video, “Don’t vote,” uses reverse-psychology to tell younger people to vote. The video explains that some of the many problems that millennials experience today were caused by their lack of representation, due to the large amount of them that decide not to vote. Baby boomers, who are all around 54-72, “Are, a generation of doers.” And always vote. They always vote and make their opinion known. The video uses Trump as an example, stating that even though a large portion of the U.S population didn’t want him as their president, their lack of voting is to blame. Those who would benefit from Trump’s ideas, mostly the older generation, would go out and vote for him, instead of just complaining about it. “Don’t vote” indirectly tells the viewer about the damage that they can cause, by not voting. The video’s message can be very effective, since instead of just telling you to vote, which most people will usually ignore, the video taunts you, mocks you, and subtly tells you that to stop this. All you need to do is a vote, to prevent another case of the 2016 presidential election. By making the video more widespread, it could make a real difference. In my opinion, on whether this campaign is disaster or dynamite advertising, it’s dynamite!


Toronto Election Results



John Tory - 477,690 (63.5%)

Jennifer Keesmaat - 177,130 (23.6%)


Humber River Black-Creek

Anthony Perruzza - 8,336 (36.8%)

Giorgio Mammoliti - 5,625 (24.8%)

Deanna Sgro - 4,512 (19.9%)

Tiffany Ford - 3,187 (14.1%)

Amanda Coombs - 445 (2%)

Winston La Rose 247 (1.1%)

Kerry-Ann Thomas 153 (0.7%)

Kristy-Ann Charles 147 (0.6%)


Christopher Mammoliti (Winning Candidate)


Teresa Lubinski

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