Jefferys & Emery's Teams Battle Each Other To The Game's Last Minute


 CW Jeffreys battled hard throughout all four quarters to have a really tight game. Ryan kicked off the game with an energizing three point shot. The starting 5 played well and once they burned out all their energy, the talented bench had no problem picking up where they left off. Throughout  the first, second, and third quarter, Jeffreys was consistent with their great defence, rebounds and passes. As Emery saw the score getting closer and closer, the team tightened up their straps and fought with everything they had left. As the score got closer, less than three minutes in the game the score was tied 45-45. Everyone was on the edge of their seats. Basketball players know “free throws win games”; Albert and Ryan’s consistent free throws help give Jeffreys a fighting chance to victory. With Albert’s last free throw, he was able to make the game 49-50. At this time, it was all or nothing on the table and all they had to do was make one more shot to win this game. With only eight seconds left on the clock, Jeffreys was not able to take this win home. The tenacity of the team's effort really helped in this well fought game. Jefferys was a little disappointed that they didn't win the game, but was still thankful for all the had work they put in to get this far. It was a good game for not only Emery but also for Jefferys.