As the Winter Olympics and Toronto’s two professional sports teams, the Leafs and Raptors, were playing exceptionally well this past few months the Advocate editors and our teachers decided that SPORTS should be the subject of choice for our high school students in their story telling and photographic endeavors !


Note To Reader: Please look for the above basketball team picture below in this same article for the story of the game.


Student Story Telling

This story was composed by Aesha P., Gr. 9, Westview C. S. S.  Inspiring Teacher Ms. K. Anwer

I found the figure skating team dance with Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir to be one of the most memorable events of the 2018 Winter Olympics. While watching the performance, I noticed that the two ice dancers; Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir had great chemistry and watching them figure skate together was very aesthetically pleasing. Their connection was undeniably one of the most harmonious connections I have seen before. Their show was truly one of the most elegant routines especially their synchronized twizzles and their choreographed dance lifts. For that performance they earned 122.40 points which earned both  skaters their second gold medal! I even watched the performance of the other ice skaters that placed second and third and undoubtedly Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir outdid them. To perfect their routine they must have practiced for a great amount of time. From all of the events of the 2018 Winter Olympics, the figure skating team dance was by far one of the most unforgettable events.

Canada’s Ice Dancing pair Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir brough home the gold medal from the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.


This story was composed by Maha W., Gr. 9, Westview C. S. S.  Inspiring Teacher Ms. K. Anwer

As it came down to the last quarter, the crowd was yelling “defence” while the athletes were shooting their pointers. January 30, 2016 marked one of the most unforgettable games. It was played by the Toronto Raptors vs the Detroit Pistons.  DeMar DeRozan scored most of the team’s points, with 29 points throughout the whole game. The team also scored a total of 74.5% free throws. It was Toronto’s 7-game homestand. That Saturday marked the Toronto Raptors sweeping their 11th straight game win, following the 111-107 victory over the Pistons. This is truly a game that will not be forgotten.


This story was composed by Preeya S., Gr. 9, Westview C. S. S.  Inspiring Teacher Ms. K. Anwer

FIFA 2014

The most memorable moment of FIFA 2014 was when Brazil got defeated by Germany 1-7. I was actually very disappointed because Brazil is my favourite team. Germany scored 5-0 in only 30 mins! I have to say that is insane. It was Brazil’s most competitive home game and they got defeated.

Germany is a very strong team. That day, Brazil’s team captain Neymar Jr did not play because of an incident with a Columbian player. Germany’s Toni Kroos was selected as the man of the match.

If Brazil and Germany were to face off again I still feel that Brazil will play hard and I’m positive that they will win! They just have to work really hard and have their heads in the game.  Now, like they all say:  VAMOS BRASILLL!


The following combined stories and picture are by:

Students from Emery C. I.

Mr. Benyamin and Mr. Brown inspired these students

This story of this team was composed by Khushali S., Gr. 11, Emery C. I. 

Emery Senior Boys Basketball Team Played against Oakwood CI.  At the end of the game the teams were tied.  In overtime Oakwood won and were the 2018 City Champions

On February 26, 2018 the Emery basketball senior boys won their game. The boys did an excellent job at the game; they played the game very well. All the players supported each other at the game. There were 11 players some were seniors and some were juniors. All the team members worked hard throughout the year. The players also got medals for winning the game.
All the 3 coaches helped the players to achieve excellence in their team work. Basketball is a hard game to play. There are so many rules to follow. The boys’ basketball skills showed in this game.


This story was composed by Jan Rhay S., Gr. 12, Emery C. I.  and Photos taken by Mr. S. Benyamin


Water Polo requires the endurance and stamina of marathon running and the strategic thinking of chess

This is Emery’s water polo team. It consists of 10 members. From left to right the team members are Francis, Dylan, Keeth, Alfrancis, Deserae, Derek, Gaurav (back), Noah (front), Qamar and the one holding the ball is Dejon. Like any other sport, water polo has its own rules. In game there are six players. 3 players are attackers, other 2 are defenders, and there is one goalie.  Three basic rules are no jumping, keep your nipples underwater, and only use one hand to hold the ball. The objective is to score on the opposing teams net. At the moment, Emery’s team is just practicing before the season begins. Let’s wish them good luck and hope that they represent Emery the best they can.


In the photo above the three players from left to right are Dejon, Keeth, and Noah. In this photo you can see water polo in action. We can see that Keeth and Dejon are attacking the goalie (Noah). One of the attackers tried to score, and successfully did. To successfully score, teamwork in water polo is a must.  Noah is too late to block the ball and so the ball goes into the net. This photo shows the emotions of Noah as he cannot save the ball resulting in the other team scoring. This sport will teach people the importance of team work, hard work, and determination.