JC McGuigan's Amazing Special Track & Field Meet

JC McGuigan's Amazing Special Track Meet

JC McGuigan's Amazing Special Track Meet

On Tuesday, May 28th James Cardinal McGuigan held a track meet for Developmentally

Delayed Multiple Exceptionalities students. This track meet included schools such as Father

Henry Carr, Monsignor Percy Johnson, and James Cardinal McGuigan.

The Track and Field meet held events such as Javelin, Long Jump, 100-meter dash and Shot Put.

Unfortunately, weather conditions were not at their best, but students from all schools still

jumped at the chance to participate, without hesitation.

Once the meet came to an end each student was awarded a medal presented by the

Administration of the City of Toronto's Park and Forestry Department, and Linda Witiney, James

Cardinal McGuigan’s Special Education Department Head, in honor of the hard work they put

into participating. For the first annual ‘Developmentally Delayed Multiple Exceptionalities

Track and Field Meet’ hosted by James Cardinal McGuigan, the school pulled off an amazing

event. Next year they will be happy to host this special track meet again.