Intellectually Challenged Athletes Join Westview's Track Team

Article By Dedicated Coach, Mr. B. Taborek.

Over the last 2 years, Mr. Taborek, Westview's Track and Field coach, has included students in the DD program and had them compete in several mainstream track and field meets.  These students are warmly welcomed into the mainstream events and, in many cases, inspire everyone.  They are able to compete in the 100m, the 800m and the shot put and long jump.


Girls competing are:  Adeena A., Tisha K., Winnie V. and Annie T.

Boys competing are:  Jordane K., Kishen D., Kenny H., Rohullah Y., Alex K., Ahmed A..  


Winnie V. is in the front of the 200m


Annie T. is in photo at the front for the long jump


Rohullah Y. is the boy running the 400m.