Westview Wildcats claw competition away


 by Aliyah-Suvannah BureyStudent, Westview C.S.S. When Ashley Williams steps on the track, her strides look as graceful as a gazelle. The grade 11 student at Westview Centennial Secondary School looked almost effortless as she powered her way to Gold medals in both the 100m, and 200m dash at the Toronto North Regional Track and Field Championships.She also added a Silver in the 100m at the Metro Toronto Track and Field Championships. Ashley's speed is so scorching that she is the third ranked female high school athlete in all of Ontario in the 100m dash. She is on her way to the Ontario Track and Field Championships in Brockville.Ashley Williams, however, puts in a lot of effort behind the scenes and says this is essential to her results on the track.“I want everyone to recognize my talent, so I work hard,” she said.Ashley trains with another sprinter, Sean Shepherd, who qualified for the 100m, 200m and 400 m dash, and was the anchor on the Westview 4 x 100m relay team that won silver at the Metros and qualified for the Ontario championships.Westview's distance runners are also on a rampage, dominating the track. Ehab El-Sandali, a triple gold medalist in the 1,500m, 3,000m and 800m works terrifically all through the autumn season running cross country with Killian Mpofu and Roble Mohamed. Ehab recently took home Gold in the 3,000m at the Metros and is also on his way to the Ontario championships.Killian is also a triple Gold medalist in his first year as a distance runner. “The new kid,” winning Gold medals in his Junior 3,000m, 1,500m and 800m events.Roble's hard training led him to be the North regional cross country champion. And from there, Roble and Ehab went on to battle at the Ontario Cross Country championships. These young athletes train for success.Their hard working coach, Mr. Mandl says he knows what his athletes are capable of and works them to their ability in practice.“If the muscles are not sizzling then the bacon is not good to eat,” he says, meaning that if athletes are not working hard to cook their skills to perfection, then they are not ready to compete.Westview's senior boys are the overall regional champions two years in a row and judging by their physiques, their muscles are well cooked. Track and Field keeps you healthy and in shape. It provides you with great summer bodies, which most teenagers look forward to.Although Track and Field is mostly individual events, team work plays a huge part. Each time a teammate comes in the top 8, they get points between 1-10. With all of Westview's boys accumulating a lot of wins, it's no coincidence that they've been regional champions for two years.Mr. Mandl says that Track and Field helps to build character.“I see a lot of commitment and determination in my athletes,” he says. “They're really growing to be more self-disciplined.” -Aliyah-Suvannah Burey is a member of Westview's Track and Field team. She has picked up two gold medals in the hurdles at the North Regional Track and Field Championships, and has won a Bronze medal in the 300m hurdles at the Metros. Recently she competed in the all Ontario championships in Brockville.