Judy Sgro speaks about issues important to our community


[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pqZ-1A1biA&feature=youtu.be[/embed]Managing Publisher Tom Kear of the York West Advocate and videographer Paul Nguyen of Jane-Finch.com sat down with Humber River Black Creek MP Judy Sgro two days after she was elected to her 7th term as our local federal representative to discuss a range of topics that are of importance to our community.On the Syrian Refugee Crisis:“There's a lot of people in the queue who couldn't get here because of red tape and the fact that I don't think the [previous] government particularly wanted them to get here too quickly, but you still have to have effective screening and all of the things that are required, so I think it is going to be a daunting task, but one I think the Prime Minister elect Mr. Trudeau is very committed to doing and has already instructed the appropriate departments to do whatever necessary and whatever possible to reduce the backlog and get people here as quickly as possible.”On Youth Employment Opportunities:“Young people need the opportunity to get some experience, we know from talking to thousands of young people, they've finished, they've got their education and now they've got to pay back those loans and they can't get a job. So two things, one as a stop gap was that until you have a job of $25,000 or more the government will absorb the interest on your student loan, the second is to open that door by working with industries throughout Canada to provide those co-op opportunities, those internships that are paid internships, not voluntary internships where they actually get a chance to get started and get a job.”“If we want our young people to have a future in this country, we need to open the doors for them and this is clearly an opportunity to open those doors and get people the experience that they need for them to get into the career that they want to do.”On Public Housing:“Part of what's been committed in the $60 Billion infrastructure, $20 Billion of that is social infrastructure and a big part of that is going to be for housing.”“The housing stock under Toronto Community Housing, a lot of it's deplorable, needs to be renovated and improved, the city itself doesn't have the funds to do it, so it's again about a partnership, so we want to put money on the table and work with the province and the cities so that we can create more safe, affordable housing, and that in particular, includes housing for seniors.”