Emery 'Iron Eagles' to compete in world robotics championships

by Karim Sukhu
Science Teacher, Emery C.I.
On March 8th-10th Emery C.I’s Robotic team “Iron Eagles” competed in the Greater Toronto East Regional held at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UoIT). Teams from Ontario, Alberta, Quebec and Michigan competed against one another. Although Emery had the smallest team, the “iron Eagles” went on to win the competition alongside two other teams. With this win the Eagles will be one of the teams representing Canada in the World Championship Robotics competition from Apr. 26-29, 2012 in St. Louis MO.
The World championships will feature over 100 teams from all over the world. This is a huge accomplishment for the students at Emery who engineered, built and programmed their Robot on a very tight budget. This is the biggest accomplishment for the Emery Robotics since the program began 9 years ago.
“We’re proud when any TDSB team wins the chance to go to the world championship, but we’re particularly excited that this year we are that team” said one of the mentors. Emery is still looking for sponsors to partner with before the big event.
For more information on the rules of one of the robotics competitions the Emery "Iron Eagles" competed in, please watch the video below: