Westview one of the top track schools in the GTA


 By Kayla FatalStudent Westview C.S.S.The Westview track and field team worked tremendously hard all year round and practiced tirelessly.This year, there was a lot of sweat and tears. Some took gold and some went home with nothing but the experience.The team as a whole put in lots of effort, but only the best made it to the Metro Toronto Track and Field Championships. The Metros definitely are the place to “bring the game” as it is a competition with the best of the best, to see if you are the best. It’s either you give it your all or nothing at all!This is the time for all the competitors to put all their hard work into action and see if they are capable to qualify for the all Ontario championship in Brockville, from June 7 – 9. Gladly, they did not lower our expectations but rose above them with elite performances by Ehab El-Sandali, who took home Gold in the 3000m distance run, Ashley Williams, who won Silver in the 100m dash finals, Aliyah-Suvannah Burey, who won Bronze in the 300m hurdle finals and last but not least, the senior boys relay team who won a stunning Silver in the 4 x 100m finals.Three Students and one relay team:These outstanding students all had something to say before and after the race, some even had strategies as to how they were going to run a successful race.Before his race, Ehab El-Sandali said something very interesting and unique from all the other competitors.“I am not nervous, just calm,” He said. “I know that I am going to do well.”This is a powerful way for an athlete to speak, with such positivity, confidence, and a strong mindset. He also spoke about his strategy which was to take the lead in beginning, and then stick with the crowd.During the final lap, Ehab worked tirelessly to take first place. As he was approaching the finish line he was in third place but gradually he passed the second place runner and with only a few inches to go, he blazed past the other runner to win the race. The crowd went wild! He truly showed that nothing is impossible.Before her race, Ashley Williams said “I feel sad… and nervous,” but when she reached the starting point she looked determined and ready to “bring it.” She energetically jumped in the spot, fixed her hair, with the blood vigorously pumping through her veins, she got ready to start her race, and took off with blazing speed.Also, Aliyah-Suvannah Burey before the race said “I feel very nervous and anxious”. She is ready to give it her all and does a few preparation jumps and runs. There is determination on her face, and as the gun sounded, she was off jumping over the hurdles so quickly and monstrously, with every jump more intense than the last until she swung past the finish line with a smile on her face! “Yes I did it!” she said after she finished her race.Now, the senior relay team showed excellent teamwork as they passed along the baton, with such precision for fear of dropping it.With the sweat dripping from their bodies, it became ten times more difficult for them to successfully pass the baton. The strong will not to disappoint their teammates allowed them to keep their hands firmly closed while running at top speed. This team truly showed that when people join together in agreement you can accomplish great things.All these students showed great perseverance and proved that you can do anything that you set your mind to do.These students recently competed at OFSAA (Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations), and who knows what other competitons they will enter. Are some of them thinking of competing in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016?-Kayla Fatal is a member of the Track and Field team at Westview C.S.S. 

Stability in Westview's track and field coaching staff:

Mr. Bob Mandl and Mr. Brian Taborek have coached Westview athletes for a number of years.

For the past five years, Mr. Mandl has been the head coach. Previous to this Mr. Taborek was the head coach for 12 years.

Aliyah-Suvannah Burey says in her article,  "Track and Field builds character." She quotes Mr. Mandl as saying, "I see a lot of commitment and determination in my athletes, they're really growing to be more self-disciplined."

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