James Cardinal McGuigan C.H.S. celebrates its 30th Anniversary


by English students and teachersJames Cardinal McGuigan Catholic High School Nestled between long traffic lines and ongoing construction on the new Keele-Finch subway station,James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic Secondary School stands proud and shining. It is no wonder theschool has been coined the “best of the west” – from its humble beginnings deeply rooted in faith,through to memorable staff and student milestones, JCM advocates for success in a growing andchanging community. 1. Keele/Finch: A long history of Education James Cardinal McGuigan was not the first school at Keele and Finch crossroads. A community schoolbuilt of logs by local farmers was opened on the site in 1830. The original name of the surrounding areawas Elia; children of nearby families who had names like Stong, Snider and Fisher, attended the tinyschoolhouse until, in 1851, when it was replaced by a larger, wood frame one. 2. JCM Father G. Sbrocchi of St. Wilfrid’s Parish first saw the need for a Catholic High School in the Keele-Fincharea in the late 1970’s. Thanks in large part to Father Sbrocchi’s persistence, a new Catholic High Schoolwas inaugurated at the Keele/Finch corner in 1982 under the guidance of the Franciscan Order. FatherRobert Campagna, OFM, served as its first Principal. Franciscan Spirituality (Love of the Creator, Serviceto Others, Respect for Nature) became the school’s spiritual legacy, with St. Francis of Assisi and St.Clare of Assisi as the school patron saints. The school was named after Cardinal James McGuigan whowas Archbishop of Toronto from 1934 to 1971. He oversaw the large expansion of churches, elementaryand secondary Catholic schools in the years after WWII. To this day, the school safeguards his personalalter, stained glass windows telling his life-story, and a large official portrait adorning the main foyer. 3. 30th Anniversary This year marks JCM’s 30th Anniversary. Veteran teachers at McGuigan such as Mr. D’Agostino and Mrs.Schiabel remember their days as young staff back in 1982. “I have been working at McGuigan for exactly 30 years and I still love it. What a ride! How can I thankthe students and the community for such a wonderful journey, full of life, promise and laughter. Thankyou McGuigan !”.--Marcello D’Agostino, Guidance Teacher A big celebration is planned for the fall of 2012. Information for the reunion is available from the schoolat 416 393-5527. 4. Milestones McGuigan staff is proud of many fine accomplishments of all its students. In recent years, a McGuigansenior student scored the highest average in the TCDSB. Kristoffer Moraleja achieved an overall averageof 98.67%, a top mark he shared with another TCDSB student. In 2010, a McGuigan junior student, Andre Ford-Azonwanna, made headlines for setting the fastestCanadian time in the 100 meter race for 14 year olds. With students such as these, JCM will continue boasting achievements now and in the future! 5. A Community of Hope In January of this year the McGuigan community lost one of its beloved young teachers. Mr. StevenHnatiuk, 32 years old, passed away after a courageous battle with cancer. Staff and students attendedand participated in a memorial prayer service held at the school. Especially close to Mr. Hnatiuk werethe students of the teams he coached. “One thing about Mr. Hnatiuk is that he was always there for me. He helped me with schoolwork,making important and informed decisions and he was someone who I could always turn to for advice.He always emphasized that I should always do my best and be strong. I will always remember Mr.Hnatiuk.” – Daminique Francis – Grade 11 An annual scholarship has been established in Mr. Hnatiuk’s memory. Students showing outstandingachievements in academics, athletics and leadership will be awarded. A memorial garden has beendesigned by Mr. Hnatiuk’s students and will be planted at the front of the school during the summer andfall months. 6. The future A special bond unites staff and students of James Cardinal McGuigan – from past, present and towardsthe future. Deep spiritual values fill all aspects of school life and tear down all boundaries of division.Cardinal McGuigan is a place where everyone is inspired to look at the world through eyes of faith, andto seek out the greater purpose and plan for each individual within its walls. In doing so, our schoolremains an inspired and hope-filled community that lives in charity and seeks to be for the world oftoday and tomorrow an instrument of peace.