Emery breakfasts improve student academic performance


Ms. Zanter, teacher of the Grade 11 Leadership course, is proud to speak of the students who, along with Ms. Katz's students, deliver the Nutrition Program on a daily basis to all the students at Emery.They carry bins of nutritious food and drink to each class. The students appreciate the delivery at approximately 10:30 a.m. to help them concentrate on their lessons. Any food or drink that is left over is taken to the shelving bins located in the main office where students can access them during lunch time, breaks between periods, and at the end of the school day.It's a great program that builds caring, good health, and good learning within a supportive school community. The media came on Friday May 11, 2012 to highlight this program and our excellent students.-From the Emery C.I. Newsletter The Breakfast program at Emery C.I. is part of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB's) "Feeding our Future" program which was first implemented in 2008, and provides a nutritious breakfast to more than 6,000 students in four middle schools and six high schools.The program was created to put the results of studies which have shown that students who eat breakfast in the morning get higher grades than those who don't. A Grade 11 leadership student describes her experiences with the Breakfast program Getting the opportunity to participate in the snack delivery program with Ms. Katz's students was an honour and a priviledge.The students of her class make my day much more fun and exciting and watching them interact with the rest of our high school was inspiring.Our daily routines consisted of delivering healthy, nutritious snacks that were prepared for us to the rest of the school. Students appreciated the effort we put into being neat and on time  and showed their thanks.Next year, I hope the leadership class is going to have as much of a fun time as we did, and I hope they walk away as experienced and thankful as us.-Cassandra Beals For more information on the Emery breakfast program, please check out these links:CBC: Toronto study links breakfast with school successCTV: Good breakfast boosts grades and behaviour: study 

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