Take back the neighbourhood!

Youth in Jane-Finch, and all across the city of Toronto, are getting their hands dirty revitalizing their communities and helping out the environment at the same time. How? They're part of Take BAC 13 (BAC stands for "beautiful and clean" and the "13" represents the 13 priority neighbourhoods in Toronto, where the program is focused).In 2009, more than 100 youth participated in the program in 18 different planting projects that included community gardens, creating outdoor art and cleaning up their outdoor spaces. The best part is that the teams were responsible for designing, planning and executing their own projects, which included managing a budget and attending workshops.A lot of different organizations in Toronto have come together to make this great program happen year after year, including Toronto Community Housing Corporation, and Evergreen (find out about the rest here).Are you a part of the Jane-Finch Take BAC 13 team this summer? Or have you seen some of their projects in your community? Send your pictures to zalina.alvi [AT] gmail.com and we'll post them on our blog! Or just add your comments about how Take BAC 13 is changing your neighbourhood right here.