The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal Presentation

On Friday, September 14th 2012 at the Jamaican Canadian Association Hall on Arrow Road the Hon. Judy Sqro our Member of Parliament and Mario Sergio our Member of Provincial Parliament presented forty three outstanding members of our community with Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee Medal of Celebration. This medal was created to mark the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty's accession to the Throne. It was awarded to those persons who have made a significant contribution to Canada, to their community or fellow Canadians.


It was a very ordinary day in 2004. Louise Russo walked into a shop to get a sandwich for her daughter and it was the last time she would ever walk again. The mother of three was the innocent victim of a violent crime, when a single bullet shattered her spine and left her paralyzed forever. Louise was determined that this senseless act of violence would have a positive outcome and created a grass roots not-for-profit organization, Louise Russo W.A.V.E. (Working Against Violence Everyday), that received its charitable status in 2009.

 The pictures were courtesy of Greg Mcclinchey, Chief of Staff for Hon. Judy Sgro, PC,MP,York West (Ontario)Article produced by Leah Varghese, Yorkwest Advocate Staff.Article by Ama Twumwaa and Tom Kear, Yorkwest Advocate Staff.