Jane-Finch to have its own farm next Spring



Around 2002, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) adopted a corporate objective aimed at contributing to sustainable communities. This caused the organization to revaluate the long term plan for TRCA owned agricultural land.  It was decided that TRCA could make a contribution to the local food movement by making some of its land available for a different kind of agriculture; different than wheat and barley and hay.  Staff started to actively seek a new kind of farmer, who wanted to grow new kinds of crops on small acreages. Negotiations are currently in progress with Everdale Organic Farm and Education Center and their partners to establish an urban farm on eight acres of conservation authority property in the Jane-Finch Community.  When fully operational the farm will produce  fruits and vegetables on a commercial scale,  offer a farmers market, host agricultural based education, and demonstrate sustainable building technologies. Opportunities to expand gardening opportunities outside the boundaries of this new Black Creek Community Farm are also being sought. Residents who want to get involved by establishing community or backyard gardens or have other ideas on developing local food options in the community are welcome to contact Gary Wilkins at gwilkins@trca.on.ca or Sonia Dhir at sdhir@trca.on.ca.

Production: Leah Varghese ; Photos & Captions: Tom Kear; Garden's Story: Gary Wilkins