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Kristan LuongHailed as the 2012 A/AA city champions, the C.W. Jeffery’s senior boys’ Volleyball had a very successful season this school year.

On November 14, 2012 the C.W. Jeffery’s senior boys’ volleyball team travelled to Harbord to take on UTS in the finals for the city championship.

Dreaming of a large trophy, banner, medal and an OFSAA both teams fought hard for the win.

Although all 3 sets were hotly contested, they won all three and the celebrations began.


From November 22 to 24, C.W. Jeffery’s senior boys volleyball team attended AA OFSAA in Stratford, Ontario.

Overall, they played their hearts out, never gave up and fought for every single point.

Two juniors -- Rrezart Sadiku and Marcus Prescott-Spencer -- helped the senior team during the tournament with their astonishing serves, kills and blocks.

In the end, it was one of their memorable moments of their high school experience.

This group of boys has amazing talent, determination and strives to get the win at every game and tournament. Throughout the season, through the ups and downs, at the end of day they consider each and everyone not only a team member, but as family.With great coaching from C.W. Jeffery’s staff: Ms. Samuel, Mr. Mach, and Mr. Gallo. Great sets from Harsh Patel and Bruce Nguyen; amazing kills from Brian Thomas, Michael Kostrikov and Franz Almazar; big blocks from Aryton Atwell and Eric Hoa; remarkable passes from Kevin Luong; and finally killer serves from Floyd Almazar and Gordon Ly throughout the season.Finally with the help of the assistant coaches and managers: Kristan Luong, Yang Lam, Jennifer Huynh, Kristina Huynh and Miriam Damile. C.W. Jeffery’s Senior Boys’ Volleyball had an astounding season!