C.W.Jeffery: Regional Junior Soccer Champions


The C.W.Jeffery’s junior soccer team is now Toronto North Regional Champions, after capturing a 1-0 win against the defending York Mills on November 6.

This is the best result in soccer the juniors of C.W.Jefferys have come back with.

Emmanuel Koroma, captain of the junior boys’ soccer team says C.W. Jefferey’s really deserves to win this championship because they have worked so hard during the season.

“The effort that our coach Mr. Williams put into this team is incredibly amazing,” Koroma says. “The effort that all the members of the team put together was amazing, and I think that’s what made us win, our effort as a team.”

The senior boys soccer team also made it to the regional finals but lost on penalty shootouts to William Lyon Mackenzie.

We will see the team once again during the cities championships in spring next year, as the team will be battling to become the city champions.

C.W. Jeffery’s has been known for their excellent program in many sports, such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, and cricket.