Seneca trip impresses our students


Geraldine Williams*See Emery Adult Learning center ad(right hand side of home page) for details regarding free tuition.*

On Monday October 22nd, 2012, students and two teachers from Emery Adult Learning Centre went on a field trip to Seneca College to learn about science and technology.I must say, the trip was very enlightening and enjoyable.  Before this trip, it was suggested that I take a computer class, but I was not sure about it.  Now, I am certainly looking forward to this class.Students had only positive things to say about this experience.  Student Peter M said: “I had a wonderful experience at Seneca College and I’m so grateful that I got the opportunity to participate in this hands-on learning experience.  I found it to be very informative and insightful, especially toward my career of choice for the future.  I would recommend anyone going to college or university to go to any open house or tutorial that is offered to them.  You won’t be disappointed.”  Another student, Zeido, echoed this positive feedback: “[t]he trip to Seneca College was an interesting tour. I learned a lot about computers; how to install software and how to add a home monitor system.  I also learned how to remotely control another person’s computer and set up a voice recording.” Students also learned a variety of practical skills, as Chantel commented: “[t]he trip to Seneca College was very informative and interesting.  We learned how to set up our home doorbell and home lights from our computer, and also how to install a webcam.  Last but not least, we learned how to record our voices and listen to it.”Thank you to the teachers and staff that made this trip possible.  We appreciate this enjoyable part of the curriculum. I think Emery Adult Learning Centre is the best adult learning centre in Toronto as they offer a wide range of subjects to help in continuing educations, as well as extracurricular activities such as dancing, singing, and playing musical instruments.  I would advise anyone who is looking for a positive learning experience to come to Emery so they cam make it a “big life.”