McGuigan hosts CBC news anchor Dwight Drummond at Black History Celebration.


CBC news host Dwight Drummond was a special guest at James Cardinal McGuigan CSS, Tuesday Feb.12 during the Black History Month celebration.  He was given a rousing welcome. The students learned that he is one of us. He grew up in our community and his wife, Janice, graduated from McGuigan.

Dwight’s message to the students was simple. Use education to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from moving forward to the career that you want. Stay away from gangs as in them, young people will either “lose their life from a gun, or their freedom when they go to jail”.

DSC_0195Our present economy is knowledge based and to succeed in it a young person needs to be knowledgeable in a number of subjects. The secret of success in this, according to Drummond, is to really enjoy the subjects that you like and know that you must work hard on the subjects that you find difficult.

Dwight Drummond came to Canada from Montego Bay in Jamaica and began school at Firgrove  Elementary. In the early years he knew he was a troublemaker and was sent to the principal’s office many times. One time when he was serving a detention there, Mr. Hadden, principal, asked him to read the school announcements. He really enjoyed doing this. On thinking back to that time Dwight said, “It is perhaps this small incident that lead to my interest in speaking to an audience and being in the media as a life time job”.

DSC_0208While he was at Firgrove School there was one teacher that had a big influence for good on Dwight Drummond. This person was a mentor and a father figure to Mr.Drummond. He came originally from South Africa. His name was Martin du Preez.

Finally Mr. Drummond wanted to make the point to students that in the journey to get to the career that a person wants, he/she has to accept jobs that do not pay much and are not much fun. As a student he accepted a job at Open Window Bakery. When he was putting bread into the oven he often burnt his hands through his special gloves. He kept on with the job and learned how to do it safely.

“Life is about choices,” Dwight Drummond told the students.  “When you make your choices, consider the lifelong consequences and opportunities!”

Photography: Terence Ofori