Westview Celebrates African History

Students of Westview Centennial Secondary School, in partnership with Success Beyond Limits and community partners, hosted best assembly yet!clip_image002Westview’s Opening performance with teachers playing Africa drums and students parading flags.Anisa Moorlee Dhar – Grade Ten student of Westview C.S.S.Executive Editor – The ’ViewThursday, March 07, 2013

Toronto, Ont. – On Thursday February 28th 2013, Success Beyond Limits (SBL), along with Westview’s Student Council and our community partner, Tree of Life Educational Books and Services, hosted an African Heritage month assembly, at Westview C.S.S. Their goal was to promote African culture and educate our students on the contributions of African people. Even though there was unfortunately no staff support, due to withdrawal of extra curricular activities, SBL and Student Council, with the support of Westview’s Admin Team, pulled off an assembly that everyone that witnessed it says was the best one the school has put on yet!

     The assembly was full of exciting performances, including a parade of flags, African drumming pieces and poems. There was also a drama skit that was very informal, but at the same time entertaining, beautifully sung songs and exhilarating dance performances.    Whitney Smith, a grade twelve student of Westview and the Student Council President, agrees it was a good show. “This show was probably the best show we have had in a while, considering that there were no extra curricular activities going on and not much staff involvement. It was mainly student council and SBL that put together the assembly, with admin permission,” she said. “You could say from this experience I learned that responsibility is not a once in a lifetime thing no matter who you are. Also, if we had not worked as a team, this assembly would have ceased to exist.”

Taneese Jones, a member of SBL said, “There was a lot of work to get done with so little time. We planned many events throughout the month that lead up to our grand finale, the assembly. Even though it was a challenge to put together without staff support the assembly was a success.” She also said that if they had more support, preferably staff assistance, the assembly could have been a greater success.

Many students in the school also found the show very entertaining. “They always kept us entertained,” said Donelle M., a grade ten student.    Mohamed Ali, a grade nine student said he never expected to see so many students with such good talents be able to perform so well. It was a new experience for him and many of his friends.    Mrs. Walker, a teacher at Westview, admits that she was very impressed with the assembly. “This is the first year that I did not help organize the African heritage month assembly. However, I am proud to say that SBL and student council has done an excellent job in creating a well developed program for a very organized assembly,” she said.     This year’s African Heritage Month Assembly was a great success and students can not wait to see what is in store for them next!