An important clarification from the Hon. Judy Sgro

"I am writing in an effort to clarify my position as it relates to the current municipal election campaign.
As the federal Member of Parliament for York West, I am both required and prepared to work with whomever the people of York West elect to serve as their municipal representatives.  During my tenure in office, my professional relationships with various local and provincial elected officials, of all partisan stripes and ideologies, have been productive and in keeping with the best expectations set out by the people of York West.
With this in mind and, out of respect for the electoral process in general, I have opted to stay neutral in the current local election campaign.
I have not endorsed any candidate for local public office nor do I plan to.
On a personal basis, I will of course cast my ballot on Monday but, professionally speaking, I will not support or endorse any candidate.
In closing, I would encourage all ratepayers to engage in the electoral process.  Democracy only works if people become involved and make informed choices.
Thank you for your time."
Hon. Judy A. Sgro, Privy Council, MP
York West