Westview students receive Bronze Medal at Toronto Wide Science Fair

From left to right: Mr. Alexander, Cynthia Somai, Anisa Moorlee Dhar, and Mr. Maharaj

Asha MohamedReporter - The ‘ViewMonday April 15th, 2013

TORONTO, Ont.- On Saturday April. 6th, 2013, two of our own Westview students, Anisa Moorlee Dhar and Cynthia Somai did an outstanding job at this year’s annual City-Wide science fair and were awarded with bronze medals. The two girls were overcome with joy and felt honored to receive this prize.

This science fair had showcased the intelligence and skill of some of the smartest science students in the city of Toronto. Students ranging from grades 7-12 had all come out to participate in this event. So many diverse topics and projects provided some stiff competition for all competitors. In the end, it all came down to presentation, interest and overall appeal.

Their project was a psychologically related project that showed how basil oil stimulates the mind to improve focus/ concentration levels. To prove their thesis that the basil oil would help improve focus as correct, they tested grade ten female students’ memorizing skills on two consecutive days, one without the basil oil and the other with the oil. Although their thesis was proven incorrect, they found and explained their mistake to the judges and spectators, as well as how other essential oils and scents take a toll on everyones’ emotions depending on how pleasant the scent is to one’s nose.

One of the two students, Anisa Moorlee Dhar, shared a statement reflecting her experience from the science fair. “Winning a place the Citywide Science Fair at University of Toronto Scarborough is the best thing to ever happen to us, “she said.

“I’m very proud and happy for my students. Also, I am very proud of their dedication and hard work which has been rewarded”, expresses Mr. Alexander, Grade 10 Science teacher who taught both girls during the first semester this school year.

After the great experiences and achievement that both girls have had at the science fair, they plan to work hard to be selected to attend the city wide science fair in the coming years. They also plan to receive a silver and gold if they ever attend again and make it to the Canada wide science fair.