Athletics at CW Jefferys C I: 2012-2013

Top Picture: Senior Boys Soccer Genadi Meilikhan: Coach / teacher senior boys soccer Oswald Adu: Community Coach senior boys soccer  (not in picture) Bottom Picture: Junior Boys Soccer Rhys Williams: Coach / teacher Junior boys soccer

In this 2012-2013 school year, the Athletic council at CW Jefferys has worked throughout the year to bring sport themed events to students. The organization run by students and monitored by Mr.Meilikan, plans intra-school tournaments, athletic skill competitions and an annual end of year Athletic banquet. All these events promote school spirit, friendly rivalry, health and fun.

Lunch time intramurals run all year round and satisfy every sport player at C.W.Jefferys. They provide athletic activity to students who do not play on any teams or would like to try a hand at something new. Intramural sports available are: boys football, badminton,  volleyball, soccer,  floor hockey and  basketball. All the events were successes, particularly the schoimages

ol badminton tournament which yielded 40 teams (consisting of one male and one female). Or, soccer intramurals, which had 14 teams (8 players) sign up to play. Intramural sports at CW Jefferys also builds teacher/student relations, because many teachers participate in the council run events. Surprisingly enough, many of the teacher teams won 1st place this year, like floor hockey, football and volleyball; the students put up a good fight!

Another event which is associated with the Athletic Council at CWJ is the annual Athletic Banquet. This year, it was held on May 31st, at the school. The banquet is an event where all the coaches and sport team members come together to celebrate the years successes and receive trophies for athletic achievements. Teams come to relive the past season and applaud those who excelled. Highlights of the event were the games portion and award show. The highest honour of the night, Athlete of the Year, was presented to Harsh Patel and Kristina Huynh. The celebration ended with an exciting meal and dance. An overall great way to end the year.

It doesn’t end there, next school year, the CW Jefferys Athletic Council committee is planning bigger and better things. There has been thought on creating a co-ed dodgeball intramural. Also, it’s been confirmed that CWJ will now have Frisbee intramural, starting at the beginning of first semester. Moreover, two major events to look forward to are the Jefferys’ Superman and the Jefferys’ Wonder Woman competition, which will test for the fittest of all the Jefferys staff/students, putting them against each other for the title. Lastly, the Athletic Banquet to end of the 2013-2014 year with a goal once again!

Jennifer Huynh and Kristina Huynh

Athletic Council Co-Presidents

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