C.W. Jefferys is Still the Place to Be

BY CHRIS BLACKWOODGUEST WRITERDue to its reputation for strong academics, athletics and perhaps most importantly, its strong arts programs, CW Jefferys Collegiate Institute has been recognized as one of Ontario’s top high schools.However, over the past five years the school’s public image has taken a major hit because of acts of violence which has occurred within its walls.In particular, the May 2007 shooting death of 15 year-old student Jordan Manners inside of the school has caused many in the public to view Jefferys as a violent school.Because of this, a group of CW Jefferys Alumni students, to hold two special basketball games between the current Jefferys basketball team against alumni on Dec. 4 to give the school’s image a positive boost.Although the event was pulled together in three weeks on a shoestring budget, it attracted more than 165 people.Organizers say they plan to make this an annual event.