Student's Having Fun Touring Their School's Haunted House


At St. Charles Garnier Catholic School, our staff and students celebrate Hallowe’en as a part of our Christian traditions.On Hallowe’en, we open our doors to every stranger that knocks. Furthermore, we even invite them in for something to eat. This sounds very much like the ancient and central action of welcoming and extending hospitality to the stranger. Throughout Christian history there is a long tradition of people meeting Christ in the guise of a stranger. When the disciples met a stranger on the road to Emmaus, it turned out to be the Risen Lord.Jesus, Himself, told us that whenever we encounter those in need, whenever we feed or give drink to someone who asks us, we are doing this to Christ Himself.However, the strangers we meet in costume on Hallowe’en are traditionally ghosts, witches, and monsters of all sorts. One wonders what these creatures have to do with our celebration of All Saints’ Day.But another important Christian lesson is hidden in this ghoulish tapestry. Christianity says things are not always as they appear. Indeed, much of Jesus’ teaching is about reversals; a tiny mustard seed grows into a great tree; the last shall be first; the one who dies for others truly has life. Most of all, in sinners we encounter God.Finally, our Hallowe’en celebrations always end with everyone taking off their masks and revealing their true selves. This is really what we are all about as Christians – living authentically as God calls us to live. Although it is difficult to live without hiding behind masks, we have the power to do so because we believe we are created in the image of God. This is something we ought not to hide.Perhaps this Hallowe’en, we might reflect on these three lessons: our vocation as Christian people to welcome the stranger in our midst, the danger of judging people by what we see on the outside, and finally, the call to throw off masks and reveal our true selves to the people we love.

Adapted from Christine Way Skinner (Catholic Register, October 30, 1995 pg. 5 reprinted from the October 1995 issue of Companion Magazine)

The above article was searched for and presented  by Catherine Profiti, Vice Principle at St Charles Garnier CS.

The Advocate attended two TDSB Schools but for various conditions and reasons was not able to obtain pictures of the students in costume.