Thyphoon Haiyan hits the Philippines : Westview Gives Back!


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By: Twinkle Patel,Westview Student

IMAG2456In early November, 2013 Typhoon Yolanda better known as Typhoon Haiyan hit Micronesia, Southern China and Philippines. The Philippines was the hardest hit out of the three making it the deadliest typhoon in Philippine history.  This devastating disaster ended with 5,960 fatalities, 5,924 being in the Philippines alone.  Damages were recorded to be over $5.8 Billion USD and many nations have shown their support and contributed money and resources. Canada had donated $40 million in relief to aid those affected by Haiyan.

1114-Typhoon-Haiyan-by-the-numbers_full_600Our very own Westview student body raised funds to go towards those affected on behalf of Canadians.The fundraiser was organized by Mrs. McKenzie, Mrs.Elwin, and several students that showed their concern for the Philippines. It took off from there. Three positive peer culture classes held two Subway sandwich sales and a pizza and dessert sale. Many of the desserts were donated and proved to be a success. When the students ventured on this task to raise funds their goal was $500. With the generosity of fellow Westview staff and students they raised $750, which will be forwarded to the Canadian Red Cross. However, not till the amount was matched, now Westview Centennial Secondary School has donated a total of $1500 in relief funds to those affected in Haiyan.

This goes to show that a simple idea and a little help can go a long way!  In the words of students that raised the funds, even though “Typhoon Haiyan has devastated the lives of millions in the Philippines; we can’t do everything, but we can definitely can do something!”

This article was carried in the Westview Centennial Secondary School newspaper "The View", Holiday Issue December 2013.