Emery C.I. 1st Annual High School Wrestling Tournament was held on Dec 5th



  U.T.S wrestler goes for a “pin”. A pin is when a competitor’s both shoulders are held down on the mat by his/her opponent.  http://youtu.be/gkSX4teKaUwHead referee, Darryl Owen reviews wrestling rules with participating students



  • Wrestlers showing signs of an infectious skin disorder. Wrestlers withdrawn before 7:00 PM Wednesday, December 4, 2013 will be removed from the draw without penalty. If a wrestler has a doctor’s note for a skin condition that would normally cause concern, please have the note ready at final registration.

  • It is suggested that Coaches also check wrestler weights at this time to avoid possible problems at registration. Coaches are also asked to check wrestlers’ fingernails at this time. If a wrestler’s weight needs to be adjusted at this time that is also possible. No changes will be made to the draw the day of the event except to scratch wrestlers from the draw.

  • The Event Director reserves the right to create hybrid classes while creating the draw for the event in the event that there are low registrations in any weight class and/or age & experience groupings.

  • Females & Males will be allowed to compete without singlets. Singlets are preferred.

  • All wrestlers must have wrestling shoes, or shoes with non-marking soles that are only used for wrestling (i.e. - no street shoes)

  • An athletic therapist will be at the event to manage any injuries.

  • All rules will be as per OFSAA rules with the following exceptions:

    • Coaches may present a concern to a referee at an appropriate break in the match and request a clarification. After consideration of a request for clarification, the on-mat referee’s decision will be final and the match will continue. There will be no video protests at this event for any of the matches.

    • All matches will consist of two two-minute rounds of straight time.

    • The first round can end in a 0-0 tie as time will be kept at the table and will be straight time to avoid referees having to make a decision about passivity at the 1 minute mark. A passivity call will be made at the start of the 2nd round where after 30 seconds a point may be awarded to the wrestler that was not passive during the first round.

    • Two three point moves will not end a round before the time expires. Only a pin, or a 7-point differential will end a round before time expires.

    • Ties at the end of regulation time will be broken with a sudden death overtime period.

  • Teams that bring volunteers to work the score tables will receive a discount of $15 for each volunteer up to 2 volunteers per team.

  • Any coaches that would like further information on the event, please contact the Event Director.

Peter H BrownEmery's Wrestling coach and Tournament Director1995 Canadian University Champion Wrestler for 90 kgs Division