C.W. Jefferys’ Welcoming Committee Doubles its Student Members


my_logo_50th_4Newcomer students at Second City.

The C.W. Jefferys’ Welcoming Committee is off to a great start with double the number of members from last year.  Its goal is to welcome and guide newcomer English language learners and ESL program students who are new to our school.  These students are provided various opportunities throughout the year to volunteer for school events and to participate on various excursions.

For the month of October, our students went to Second City to watch a comedic and educational performance called, “Zombie Boot Camp".  The main focus was social & cultural awareness.  Some of the performance was scripted while others parts were improvised.  After the show, students took part in a workshop that taught them techniques of collaboration and improvisation.  In November, students watched a performance called “Jabber” at the Young People’s Theatre that focuses on cross-cultural respect and mutual understanding.  For lunch, students went to the St. Lawrence Market where they explored food from all over the world.  On December 18th, students enjoyed their day touring Black Creek Pioneer Village which is currently running its “Christmas Past” workshop.  In the new year, students will be making a documentary at the National Film Board, going ice skating at the Harbourfront, and much more!

None of these exciting excursions would be possible without funding that the government provides to Urban and Priority High Schools (UPHS) which are schools that face a variety of life challenges that get in the way of student success.  We, at C.W. Jefferys, are very fortunate to be a part of this funding which is limited to 34 high schools.

Welcoming Committee students volunteering at an evening event.