Perruzza Holds Town Hall Meeting

BY MATIAS DE DOVITIISASSISTANT TO COUNCILLOR PERRUZZACouncillor Anthony Perruzza (Ward 8 ) held a Town Hall meeting this last Tuesday, Feb. 22.With over 200 people in attendance, local residents had an opportunity to talk local politics with their councillor. There were presentations from different City departments: Ted Zander, Resident Superintendant with the Spadina Subway Extension Project gave a presentation on the transportation plan that deals with subway construction.Josie Lavida, Director of Financial Planning, gave an in depth presentation on the City's budget report for 2011. Her father, a local resident, was in attendance. Bill Blake, District Manger of Municipal Licensing and Standards, gave a presentation on the MRAB program, which audits multi-unit tenant buildings to ensure a high standard of maintenance and has had a serious effect on a number of local buildings in Ward 8.

Residents also had an opportunity to ask questions, which ranged from the effects of budget cuts on local programs, like the basement flooding program, to public transit questions.The meeting was also attended by activists from which are working to save the construction of the future LRT line on Finch Avenue West. The line was due for construction in the coming years, but the current mayor has recently announced that the money for this part of the public transit project slated for this community will now be spent elsewhere.