Inequity in Citizenship Language Requirements


Emery Adult Learning Centre Staff

Advocate For Equity

IMG_2285Some Emery teachers believe the present application process for Canadian Citizenship is confusing and complicated. The first step – proving language proficiency- is especially illogical and inequitable.

Citizenship Canada will only accept one of the following documents as proof of language proficiency:

  1. A diploma, certificate or transcript showing completion of a secondary or post-secondary program in English or French.

  2. Proof of completing LINC/CLIC at level CLB 4 or higher in speaking and listening.

  3. A certificate issued by the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (MCI) Adult Non-Credit Language Training Programs showing level CLB 4 or higher in speaking and listening.

  4. Specific results from a third party language test approved by CIC.

IMG_2220This is very misleading because many immigrants attend provincially funded credit E.S.L. courses (not the federally funded LINC) and assume that level 4 in these programs fulfills the requirement. However, the government will not accept anything less than a high school diploma which requires completion of grade 12 English – a much higher level than LINC or CLB 4. This inequity needs to be challenged. Applicants should complain to their Members of Parliament. An election year is looming. Members of Parliament can be found by postal code at