Judy Sgro MP invited to attend many faith-based events in our community


Our Member of Parliament Judy Sgro was invited to be a special guest at the canonization of Popes John 23rd and  John Paul II at the Vatican on Sunday April 27th, 2014

York West, a Spiritual Journey at Heart

By Hon. Judy A. Sgro, MP York West


Popular movies and television programming would have us believe that politics and religion have no relationship and that government officials are somehow mandated to stay clear of churches, spiritual events and positions on issues involving faith. This may sound possible but, in ridings like York West, it is neither true nor is it practical.

Since 1999, I have represented the people and communities of York West in the House of Commons but, equally important has been my responsibility to help foster understanding and awareness between differing faith-based communities and the community at large. Despite past calls for the separation of church and state, I believe that effective democratic representation must include spiritual accommodation and understanding whenever possible.


Whether I am attending the Canonization of Saints at the Vatican, recognizing a lifetime of achievement at the Prophetic Church of God, greeting the spiritual leader of Ahmadiyya Muslims or visiting the Rivalda Gurdwara, religion has long been part of York West… and the federal representation of the area. As a consequence of these experiences over the past 15-years, I value the insights and counsel of the local religious communities as I work to tackle the complex social, legal and even the parliamentary responsibilities of my office. Our churches (Catholic and Protestant), mosques, gudwaras and temples embody all hat we are as a community and, when following these faith-based ideas with an eye to personal and community betterment, they contain tested guidelines for peace, hope and charity.


As we celebrate York West’s 2014 Centennial, I am pleased to reflect upon the many positive and inspirational contributions made by the people of faith within our communities. I am hopeful that all area residents have had the chance to explore the diversity and depth these community institutions offer. It has certainly been a spiritual journey for me.