Imdadul Islamic Centre Celebrates Mother’s Day


Shaikh Shabir Alli told a packed audience that respect for one’s parents was a strong value of the Islamic Faith.

Front Left to Right: Hajin Sharifan Khan, Asir Mohamed and Nazmoon Ali Behind Left to Right: Ana Abedeen, Azan Satar, Isha Kalamudeen and Sister Rose

At the same time, however he said parents must have patience with their children, especially young ones. He then told the story of a young mother who was becoming very impatient with her young son. He was constantly asking her question and often the same one over and over again after she had answered him. A friend told her no to be upset. She said “We are one an adult but twice a child”. When we are older sometimes we loose our memory, the we ask our children who are now adults, questions a number of times, they will have to be patient with us! After the Shaikh’s sermon and singing by some special guests, everyone enjoyed great food. Red roses were handed out o all mothers.

Seat from Left to Right: Haroon Sheriff, President and Osman Khan, Secretary

On Sunday June 8th the Imdadul Islamic Centre is hosting a free food picnic and bar-b-que for all in the community. It will be held at G. Ross Lord Park just north east of Dufferin and Finch. The Imdadul Islamic Centre is just south of Finch Ave at 26 Lepage Court, which runs east of Keele Street. Mosque : 416-636-0044


article by Tom Kear