Emery students bring passion for science to Gosford Public School

By Justin LauGrade 12 Student, Emery Collegiate InstituteGrade 12 Cyberscience students from Emery Collegiate Institute visited Gosford Public School in hopes of turning grade 2 to 5 students into science enthusiasts.The Cyberscience program at Emery is an enriched program for students that excel academically. The goal of the Apr. 17 visit was to promote interest in science, math and technology to elementary school students.With this in mind, Emery prepared a day full of fun and educational activities for the Gosford students.In the morning, different classes had the opportunity to learn about different areas of science. Grade 3s created songs based on simple machine concepts, grade 4s learnt about habitats and the food chain, and grade 5s investigated the relationship between potential and kinetic energy through a roller coaster activity. All students also participated in a bridge building competition, which were tested for strength and efficiency.In the afternoon, the students had the opportunity to learn about robotics in high school. Emery students introduced FIRST Robotics competition and VEX competition, which are worldwide robotics competitions for senior students. The students had the opportunity to play with robots built by Emery, look at video clips of the exciting competition, learn about the use of solar energy in transportation and project input from a motion detector into a graphical format.Gosford students were enthusiastic to speak to their older peers and learn about their future goals in the science fields. Whether it is nursing, engineering, or biologists, early exposure to a wide variety of career options allow these younger students to continue exploring to their interest.Emery’s own robotics team, Iron Eagles 1219 (http://ironeagles.net ), was also introduced to Gosford and offered mentorship and introduction on registering for a FIRST Lego League (FLL) team. FLL is a smaller competition that builds on Lego and runs on a smaller scale compared to FIRST Robotics. It is a good start to learn about different aspects of robotics: such as mechanical, electrical and programming.Robotics provides a practical and “cool” factor for the innovative minds, while allowing others to experiment with something new. The visit to Gosford was very appreciated by all students and Emery students reinforce the importance of science and mathematics core course for elementary students, which are the building blocks of today’s competitive and growing information age.A video of the day\'s events can be seen here.