To raise money, retired Presbyterian minister, Jan Hieminga, plans to walk 800 km in northern Spain starting August 15th

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“What have I done?”

IMG_1803 - Version 2The other day I woke up in the middle of the night, sat straight up in bed and in a panic thought “what have I done?.”  I had been dreaming about the consequences of the decision I had made to walk the “Camino de Santiago” as a fundraiser for “JaneFinch ReachingUp”.   I had told the Board, that I would go on a walk in Northern Spain this fall, to raise money for a new building, to house the After School Program, the Music School and Summer Camps for children in the Jane and Finch area.  By the way they looked at me, they must have thought that I was crazy too.  At my age to take an 800-kilometer walk probably is crazy.

We had discussed various ways to start planning for our big dream to expand the current facility, along Finch Avenue.  An architect study has shown that to expand the University Presbyterian Church, at Driftwood and Finch, into a community centre that can be used 7 days a week makes ultimate sense.   In his words “You have the land, you have the people, you have the programs and there is a great need.   This makes ultimate sense.”

Everybody is very excited about the prospects of having a new community centre in the middle of the Jane and Finch community.  The people in the church, have had this dream for a long time.  The children’s programs are filled to capacity. Music lessons take place in the hallways.  Every space is used, with no possibility for expansion.  Would it not be great if we could invite the children, who are still on the streets, into the program also.  The architect is right.  We have everything.  The only thing we don’t have is money.

I am going to walk the Camino de Santiago as a pilgrimage, and a fundraiser.  I look forward to having 40 days to walk, meditate and pray that God will guide us, direct us and open doors to make this dream a reality.   Please pray for me, for  “JaneFinch ReachingUp” and for a new building. You can follow my progress on the website. www.reachingup.ca


Jan Hieminga.