Thinking big gives us a Win-Win!


Our big piece of vacant land directly opposite Yorkgate Mall, now owned by the province, is the preferred site for an LRT rail yard with maintenance facilities. The architectural concept visions of transit hubs below could be the future for our vacant field near the centre of Jane/Finch. Toronto's past 'Transit City' plan had LRTs on Finch and Jane crossing, you know where, at Jane/Finch. The proper sequence for the building of subways is to build an LRT first. When residential density has increased then you build a subway. In a couple of decades Jane/Finch could be Bloor/Yonge North.Tom Kear, Editor

Tansit HubsConstruction of the Finch West LRT, if built, will bring apprenticeships, jobs and a new future to Jane/Finch


The Community Action Planning Group (CAPG) is a group of residents, workers and supporter of York West who want to create a stronger community.  Our vision is:  Residents ,workers, and stakeholders in our community are united in having a say in how our community develops.  CAPG is focusing on two areas of planning – improving transit and ensuring the development of the Yorkgate lands (slated to become a maintenance facility for transit) provides benefits to the community.

 At our two recent meetings, we had Jamie Robinson, Director, Community Relations and Communications from Metrolinx and two of his colleagues share the LRT plans for the Finch line, slated to be built between 2017 and 2020.  There will be an environmental assessment in the coming months and there will be a Community Benefits program for this build.  The October meeting had Prince Sibanda , Project Director for the Community Benefits Network, share the five areas where this community will benefit. One area would be the creation of apprenticeships and jobs for young people in our community as the construction of the line and the maintenance facility takes place.

All are welcome to attend the meetings of CAPG held on the second Tuesday of each month at Yorkwoods Public Library from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. The next meeting is on Tuesday Nov 11th in a room in the library's basement.

If you require more information, please send an email to