Westview Students Go to Seniors with Music



Members of Vocal Adrenaline : Karissa, Lillian, Tichaena, Austin, John, Justice, Andre, Whitney, Rae, Yamisha, Jemima, Alyssa

Acoustic Detail Members Nana, Htoo, Sophanaro, Novin, Thiveya, Victoria, Justice

Students Go to Seniors with Music

When the saints go marchingIt’s Monday, November 17, 2014. The Scene is Ms. Backman’s Music Room at Westview Centennial S.S. and the day has finally arrived when VA (Vocal Andrenaline) and Acoustic Detail (Grade 10 Guitar Ensemble) are going to Leisureworld Retirement Centre to entertain and give back to the Jane-Finch community.

She'll be coming around the mountainEverything is completed on the check list: permission forms signed, music learned, copies made for sing-along, sound system packed, cables wrapped, guitars tuned, etc... Oh, I forgot to mention, it has started to snow and the students are pumped because they are walking over to the Leisure World and who You are my sunshineknows exactly how many snow balls are going to be thrown. As they are leaving my truck, Lillian and Karissa who are the presidents of VA agree to lead all 20 students and Tichaena who is secretary and resident photographer at the back of the line making sure everyone remains with the group. Everyone is happy and When the saints go marching in GDexcited.

Upon arrival, everyone disinfects their hands, dry of their shoe wear and sign in with visitors tags. We now have 2 hours to get the show ready. Everyone agrees to take on a role whether it is setting up chairs, instruments, the sound system, etc... There is always so much to let it bedo and the students are all working together. These Westview students made me so proud; everyone was so respectful and polite.

The room begins to fill up at 2 and the show is about to begin and all the students are so excited to perform. First up, the guitar group comes out. They have only been playing for 2 lean on memonths but sound like they were born playing as many of the residents commented. As they are playing many of the residents are humming and joining in with words. Their faces lit up and it was such a great ‘feel-good’ emotion for the performers and the residents.

Shortly after, 10 singers arrive on stage ready to Isn't she lovelybring the house down. And did they ever! Smiles were suddenly turning into joyful singing and laughing. VA took great care to select appropriate songs to involve the residents; old favourites like I’ve Been Workin’ On The Railroad, When The Saints Go Marching In, She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Au Claire Du La Lune GDMountain, and Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart, You Are My Sunshine just to mention a few. VA really stepped up to the plate and took time during the interlude musical breaks to walk around and personally talk to and shake hands with all of the residents. The room was spectacular to watch.

Don't Go Breaking my heartThe concert ended at 5 minutes early when suddenly Ashley Williams, Leisureworld’s Activity Coordinator, requested an encore from me. So, I can’t say no, everyone’s waiting... I pick up a guitar and lead the song, “In The Jungle (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)” requesting everyone to make jungle-like sounds. Suddenly Au Claire Du La Luneto my pleasant surprise VA enters the floor singing along and encouraging the residents to do the same in grand Westview style. What a magical moment that was. They want us back in the New Year!


What an incredible day of giving back to the community. Heartfelt thanks go out to Lillian and Karissa for researching and booking this event. Their strong leadership abilities were forefront and they received respect from all of the students involved and Leisureworld staff. Thank you for your endless service ladies and to each performer participating in this event.

Written by Ms. Sharon Backman(Bac. Of Music, Bac. Of Ed.)                       Music Teacher, Westview Centennial SS

Music Teacher


Ashley WilliamsDirector of ProgramsLeisureworld Caregiving Centre - Norfinch

Leisureworld Norfinch held an event with Westview Centennial Secondary School on Monday, November 17th, 2014 at 2:30pm.  On behalf of the staff, residents and family we would like to thank Vocal Adrenaline and the Acoustic Detail (Guitar Ensemble) for entertaining us.  You all sound awesome. A special thank you goes out to the music teacher, as without her this all would not have happened.  The residents, staff and family loved having them and wish to see them again in the near future.