ESL students at Westview C.S.S respond to why it is important to celebrate Asian Heritage, and have an Asian Heritage assembly in school.

The Continent of Asia is fascinating and the Asianpeople have wonderful dances. Having assembliessuch as this one helps us see the flavour in othercultures and make us want to learn more about theworld.- Dwight DoliusAsian Heritage ceremonies are really important tothe people of Asia, but also to the people that wantto learn about Asia. The Asian Heritage assemblyshowcased many different and beautiful cultures inAsia. As a person from Asia myself, there was a lotthat I did not know that I learned from fellow Asians.- Saynway HtooI think that we all learned a lot from the AsianHertitage Assembly. There were a lot of music anddance performances that helped us understand whatAsian people do for fun.- Angelika MiscewiczThe Asian Heritage Assembly is very important forme because I saw many cultures and learned fromthem. It also taught me that when we work togetherwe can put together a great event.- Ba MinThe Asian Heritage Assembly is very importantbecause it lets other people around the schoolshowcase their cultures. I learned that the Asianpeople are talented and have a lot of History in theirculture, strength, focus and a unique style. Theyalso know how to put together a party.- Romario SmithI think the Asian Heritage ceremony has helped meto identify with many cultures of Asia. It was fantasticand so much fun. It was especially good when non-Asian students got involved and supported theirfellow students.- Linda Amoako AttaAsian Heritage is important because as Canadians itis important to be given knowledge about the cultureand traditions of the many countries in Asia.-Linh Nguyen