LRT's: the best, says Northwest Transit Action.



  • Finch Avenue West has one of the busiest transit lines in the city. By 2031, the number of riders on the Finch West line is expected to reach 2,800 people per hour at peak times
  • Already, there is overcrowding and long waits for buses on weekdays, in the morning and afternoon
  • A dedicated rail line is the most cost effective and efficient form of transit on the 11 kilometers from the new Finch West subway station to Humber College
  • Construction is planned to start by 2017 and be finished by 2020
  • Toronto and Metrolinx have a legal agreement and the costs are being paid for by the provincial government - no new property taxes required.
  • Some municipal politicians want to change plans, but that will keep up waiting longer to relieve the pain
  • The Northwest Transit action group was created to bring out the voices of residents, students and workers who travel on the Finch line now, or who might use it if it was faster, less crowded, and more reliable
  • We are residents of the affected communities, Community Action Planing, Social Planning Toronto, TTCriders, CodeRedTO, Action for neighborhood change, community agencies, and community groups


We meet once a month to plan activites to inform, educate, and mobilize the communities affecte by transit planning and development of Finch West.

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