York West has new parent council


Trustee Tiffany Ford: Community council 'will give parents a collective voice'

IMG_5731 by David RosOne of the first things Tiffany Ford did after being elected as Toronto District School Board trustee in Ward 4 was to create the York West Parents' Council.The council, which consists of parent representatives for each of the ward's 23 schools as well as three community members will seek to give parents more of a voice in what is going on in local schools.“We've never had a York West Council here in this ward, in the TDSB every other ward has a ward council,” Ford said. “It's something established and structured for the long term and it will give parents a collective voice to understand what's happening in the TDSB.”According to Ford, the new council will work with and receive presentations from the TDSB and will provide a platform for parents to be able to share their concerns.Ford said the council's next meeting is on May 28 and if parents have any questions or concerns, they can send an email at info@yorkwestcouncil.com. Ford said she is personally checking the emails, and said that she will do her best to address any concerns that are brought up.For more information on the York West Council, parents can visit their website at www.yorkwestcouncil.com, or follow them on twitter @yorkwestcouncil.