Easter music festival


Jane-Finch Church Coalition Sun. Apr. 12 at Emmanuel Church of the Nazarene, Sheppard Ave. W.


For the last five years, Pentacostal Baptist, Presbyterian, Anglican and Nazarene Christians from our Jane/Finch community have been getting together one Sunday after Easter to celebrate the resurrection of Christ with the music they prepared for Easter.

Dancer 3


  Singers face close up Soloist


The two

vocal presentations

were by

members of

the Lisle Memorial Baptist

and University Presbyterian Church Choirs.

  University Presbyterian Choir IMG_5786

This mime presentation, as well as the presentation at the top,  were presented by the Agape Christian community who, for the past two years, have been worshipping with the Nazarene congregation at Emmanuel Church.


The pictures in the gallery below dramatize the sadness and grief of Mary who was transformed when she saw Jesus.

 Mary CroppedMary Cropped 2IMG_5798Angel