These moms are true role models


The Role Model Moms GED Program is a program run by Toronto City Mission in the Jane/Sheppard area. This program is geared towards moms over the age of 18 who are interested in obtaining their high school equivalency. The program runs two cycles a year, one from September to December and the other from February to June with intake in August and January. This program is unique in the fact that there are free babysitting services on site. This allows the moms to engage in their schoolwork without worrying about the safety and health of their children.The moms pictured above are some of the students that successfully obtained their high school diploma since the beginning of the program. It was a beautiful graduation night full of speeches, good food, and community. It was a real joy to celebrate the hard work of these moms. It is very exciting watching these moms dreaming again about their own academic and career goals.