Westview students try law enforcement on for size at career fair

Written by Bruce ForsythTeacher at Westview Centennial Secondary SchoolOn May 19, the Toronto Police, Ontario Provincial Police, Emergency Medical Services, Toronto Fire and the Canadian Forces came to visit Westview Centennial Secondary School. During the two hour event, students enjoyed a barbecue lunch, interacted with people from the law enforcement agencies, competed in ultimate Frisbee and basketball mini-tournaments, watched a multimedia presentation and made “eco-pledges” to promote ecological responsibility and environmental sustainability at school.

The following are first-hand accounts written by teachers and students from Westview:“We really appreciate your innovative, creative idea and action plan to give our students a vision and motivating chance to explore various career possibilities. On behalf of all parents of Westview students, I thank all of you for taking care of our children and opening the door for various jobs.” – Nilesh Zalawadia, Westview parent council vice-chair“Congratulations to the team. Please convey my appreciation to all involved in such a successful initiative.” – Glenford Duffus, TDSB North West 7 supervisory officer“Superb work! On behalf of the admin, staff and students of Westview, just wanted to thank you for providing such an extensive opportunity for our students right here at Westview on Wednesday, May 19, during an extended lunch period.” – Paul Edwards, principal, Westview Centennial S.S.“All the police, firefighters, paramedics, and soldiers told us all about their jobs and as I get closer to finishing high school and choosing a career path, it gave me a lot to think about. We need more opportunities like the career fair to learn what the ‘real world’ is all about.” – Westview student“I never realized how the police and all the other agencies work together as a team to contribute to the community. I think it’s great that they took time out of their busy jobs to come visit us.” – Westview student“It was great to see everyone at school involved in the career fair. My favourite part was the firefighters. I got to try on one of their protective suits and oxygen tanks. It gave me a whole new appreciation for the great job they do dealing with fires and saving people from burning buildings. – Westview student

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