Awesome learning experiences in our schools September 2011


Arts Alive at Emery C.I.

On December 14, 2011, students registered or participating in Arts courses, clubs, or ensembles showcased their talents in Arts Alive.Emery C.I. offers a variety of arts courses from grade nine to twelve.  Mr. Barker, Mr. Liu, Ms. Easton presented songs  and music from Lady Gaga to Zulu.  Ms. Narrol, Mr. Nolte and Mrs. Koo displayed their visual art works from clay sculptures to photographs. Ms. Alexander's extra-curricular dance club presented their own choreographed dances ranging from African to Popping.Mrs. Zanter and Ms. Blackburn-Lawrence took to the stage and presented stories from Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice to a heart-warming tale of a woman suffering from Alzheimer's disease and a daughter coping with its crippling effects. Parents and students made up the terrific audience who came out to celebrate the arts.A special thank you goes out to all participants and their teachers who made this event possible.  We look forward to seeing you at our next showcase honouring the arts.-H. Blackburn-Lawrence

C.w. jefferys:

Grade 11 playwrights and performers at C.W. Jefferys C.I.

The Jefferys grade 11 drama class wrote and performed a play for the entire school.  The audience was captivated by the creativity and commitment shown by yhe students


Christmas Concert at James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic High School

On Tuesday December 13, 2011, James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic High School held its  second annual community Christmas Concert.The event was held in partnership with the JCM Concert Band, 2754 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps Band and the Governor’s General Horse Guards Band.The concert was dedicated to the memory of Captain Frank J. Merlo, CD, who was a teacher with the TCDSB and has served as the Director of Music for the GGHG Band for more than two decades.During that time he organized and conducted many Christmas concerts in schools, much like this concert, often including young student musicians and singers in the performances.
Mr. G. Nerona conducting the Governor's General Horse Guards Band and students playing “Chestnuts on an Open Fire.” Mr. Nerona is the music director at McGuigan.
GG Horse Guard Band performing at the Cardinal McGuigan Christmas Concert.
Student Council President, Carmela Bodino presents flowers to Sgt. P.J. VanAuken, conductor and director for the GG. Horse Guards Band.


Westview ESL students experience 'Adventure of a lifetime' in Atlantic Canada

In September of 2011, 22 ESL students from Westview C.S.S embarked on an adventure of a lifetime—an eight day road trip to explore the wonders of eastern Canada.Equipped with plenty of digital cameras, cell phones and a suitcase each, the 22 students, along with two of their teachers and an administrator, embarked on the journey.The trip started with a stop in Old Quebec City, where students enjoyed the architectural wonders and a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River from the Chateau Frontenac.On day two the group continued on to Saint John, New Brunswick with stops along the way to see places such as the longest covered bridge in the world and zip line across the Grand Falls Gorge and Waterfalls (the largest waterfalls east of Niagara). After a hair rising ride, along with an emergency pit stop along the way, day three saw the group at Hopewell Rocks, one of the natural marine wonders of the world (first picture of the coast at the top of this article).The students were mesmorized by the beauty of the region and spent several hours exploring and posing for Facebook moments in the cracks and crevices of Hopewell Rocks. They walked along the sea floor and hours later waited with baited breath for high tide in the early evening.One student, Kakada Ham, impatient from the two hour long wait stated, “Can’t we just watch the tide rise on Youtube?”On days four and five the group were thrilled to finally arrive in Nova Scotia where they visited several attractions, including: The Black Cultural Centre in Dartmouth, the Bluenose in Lunenburg, Peggy’s Cove, Pier 21 and several other seafront attractions.
Westview ESL students and staff volunteers strike a pose in Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia.

On day six, they headed to Louisbourg to see the Fort. Students exclaimed, “We thought we saw everything, but the absolute best part of the trip was the Fort of Louisbourg! It was so real! It was as if we were living in that historical period!”

The group from Westview received a valuable education at the Black cultural centre in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

With stomachs full of the gastronomical wonders of the east coast, and one final stop in Sydney for a visit to the Sir Alexander Graham Bell museum in Baddeck, and a drive through the Cabot Trail, the group headed back for an 18 hour bus ride home to Toronto.It was an unforgettable trip, where friendships were made and bonds cemented. The students have been asking since their return about the next road trip and are busy planning the next fundraising event.

The Westview students who participated in this trip developed bonds that would last a lifetime.